Hi love bugs!! 


My inspiration for Naked stemmed from my strong desire to inspire young women. All of my life, I’ve had such powerful female role models to look up to and I would love if someday my voice and my music could teach girls to love themselves, to live confidently and to follow every dream they’ve ever had.

Naked is about finally letting go of your doubts and truly being your raw, unique, beautiful self for the first time. Living freely as you are and as you’re supposed to be! Knowing that you are worthy enough to conquer it all!

This song relates to me on such a personal level as I was bullied in school about my big ears sticking out and my appearance– as well as struggling with anxiety. The more I grew, the more I realized that my ears sticking out a bit or my anxiety wasn’t who I am or what defined me. Embrace your flaws! Be you, all of YOU! The whole world feels completely different when you love your own beauty, inside and out.

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